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Luke oliver


Can neck pain cause eye strain?

After work with computer in a whole afternoon. My neck feel pain. Latter. I also got eye strain. Why? Can neck pain cause eye strain?
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  • walker


    It's so easy to get neck pain if you constantly writing or typewriting. However, neck pain are hardly to be associated with eye strain. The most common possible is computer screen. As we all known, staring something or reading something in a long time, eyes may suffer sore and pain. If these things are screen, such TV screen and computer screen, which will produce radiation. All these radiation can have a deep effect on eyes. That's because eyes are very easy to be tired and dry. The best way to solute your condition is stop working and have a good rest. Eye strain is so easy to cause other eye disorders, such as vision loss, glaucoma and eye pain. Using eyes without any limitation is dangerous. By the way, several ways help with eye strain: apply cucumber on eyes for 10 minutes can fresh your eyes, drop some eye drops to control your condition. When you feel tired, do not rub your eyes, or redness may occur.
  • Mackenzie rose


    I don't think neck pain would cause eye strain. Neck pain is usually caused possible activity, injury or certain medications. Repeated and prolonged movement of neck would result in muscle strain, spasm, inflammation of the joints or the sprain. If we keep sitting in front of our computer, we might develop eye strain soon as well as pain in the neck and shoulder. It is very common to have eye strain accompanied with neck pain. You 'd better take frequent breaks to relax the muscles of eyes, neck and shoulders. Do some tender massage at home would help a lot!

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