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How to get rid of stars in eyes?

I can see stars in my eyes. Why? I hate it because it affect my eyesight. How can i get rid if it?
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  • Isabel


    I think it is necessary to get more information about your case. In what circumstances you have this star vision. Normally speaking, it is not harmful but annoying. It frequently happens when I rub my eyes or close my eyes or stand up too fast, I can see many spots or light flashes. It is called phosphene, caused by pressure on eyes. This pressure is translated into various kinds of light image by our optic nerves. It can also happen after migraine or headache. It is not harmful that you don't have to worry about it. Most people might experience it now and then, after a blow to head, a quick standing up, or deep coughing. But if it happens a lot, then you should have an examination in hospital to see if any hint it is sending to you.
  • walkn0nsunshine


    I think there are two possibles can explain your conditions. Firstly, you may use eyes excessive and long which is easy to make nerves fatigue, exactly the nerves that manage our eye movements. Then you cannot receive the signals of images result from nerves fatigue and disorders in brain. Secondly, you may suffer eye floaters. Eye floaters mean that something in your eyes that can be noticeable when you look at something bright (white paper and blue sky ). Thus you must pay attention on them in that eye floaters always company other eye problems and eye disorders, such as conjunctivitis, glaucoma and red eyes, even blurred vision. Eye floaters sometimes can be fine by themselves, while sometimes are so severe. The key point is go to see a doctor and determine what causes you stars in eyes, and then receive some treatment options. Plus, I think you get eye floaters.

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