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Can a cold cause eye discharge?

I bothered by he eye discharge in the corner of my eyes. What causes it ? Can cold cause the eye discharge?
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  • Melissa


    Firstly, we must admit that eye discharges are rarely harmful to our body. They can be easily noticed in the morning as a yellowish, sticky, crusty substance that can sometimes make your eye's feel glued shut. I really made a seriously searching and consultant. Finally I arrived at a conclusion: cold can cause the eye discharges because cold will irritate pharyngo-conjunctival fever. Pharyngo-conjunctival fever will affects the brain movements, then our brain nerves, especially the nerves that govern our eye activities will become disorders. Nest some eye problems begin to come, such eye discharges, itchy eyes and burning eyes. Here I must emphasis that not all eye discharges are harmless, some causes can be the result of a more serious condition. Eye discharges are most common noticeable in the morning when we just wake up. These things are some form of bacteria, either from make-up or extra oily skin. So if eye discharges bother you in a long time, you need go to see a doctors soon as possible.
  • Michael anderson


    Discharge of eyes in the corner might be caused by eye infection and inflammation. A cold is usually caused by the viral infection of respiratory tract, with possible symptoms of fever, coughing, sneezing, fatigue, weakness and so on. Because upper respiratory tract is adjacent to eyes, so it is very common to have conjunctivitis accompanied a cold. Eye discharge is possible when you have conjunctivitis or have eye infections for congested nasal cavity. You can apply some warm salt compress to help relieve the sysmptom and meanwhile use the water to wash your eyes out of discharge and keep them clean. A cold could disappear on its own, as long as if you take a good rest and have enough warm water.