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How to get rid of wrinkles in between eyes?

DO you have any good idea to reduce eye wrinkles between eyes? Please help.
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  • Savannah taylor


    Eye wrinkles can appear in any ages because the skin around eyes are so thin. I think no one likes wrinkles for they makes much older than we are. So how to remove them become a hot topic. Before we talk about these ways, it's essential for us to make clear what cause them. Rubbing eyes, not wearing eyeglasses, skipping SPF and sleeping on belly are four mistakes you make that are easy to cause wrinkles. I've ever heard that milk is the best thing to remove wrinkles and protect skin. Everyday before you go out, apply some eye creams which contains high amount of milk and massage the wrinkles for 3minutes gently. Then eat some fresh fruits a day to take vitamins supplements (improve skin condition must from in to out). You also can use baby oil as an intense moisturizer. Some have severe conditions will make surgery to remove them quickly and safety.
  • Erin


    Eye wrinkles is mainly caused by aging. There are many ways for reducing eye wrinkles as following: 1. Have a regular life style for regular life style really works to reduce wrinkles and keep youth. 2. Avoid the sun. It's been found that sun exposure is more important than heredity for cause eye wrinkles. 3. Do not smoke. They found that the person who smoking tend to have more wrinkles than the non-smoker. 4. Eat more fruits and vegetables. The antioxidant compounds of fruits and vegetables can help skin look younger and more radiant. 5. Use eye cream. Eye cream can protect the skin around eyes reduce wrinkles and keep moisture. Hope these ways can help you reduce wrinkles.
  • jazz pollard


    you can use some natural remedies for removing ur wrinkles under eyes like u can use yogurt mask for wrinkles, lemon juice is another good way of removing wrinkles without any side-effects...Another thing that u can do is u can increase ur vitamin E food intake which helps a lot!!!!