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Is it bad i got hair relaxer in my eye?

I got some hair relaxer in my eyes. Is it bad? Any ideas?
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  • smith


    Got something in eye would makes you feel uncomfortable, especially liquid stuff, such as shampoo, hair relaxer, oil, soup, juice, and so on. But that is not a serious problem to see a doctor. While what should you do when something splashed in your eyes? There are my suggestions as follows: Step 1. Calm down. Firstly calm down and breath, tell yourself that is not a big deal. Step 2. Open your eyes bravely and washing your eyes by much clean liquid water to make it out of your eyes. Step 3. Rub your eyes by a piece of clean towel. Step 4. Have a little rest for your eyes recover. Those suggestions are for a bit of liquid stuff splashed into your eyes, while, if that is much, you'd better call an emergency appointment and see a doctor.
  • Sig


    Dear, it is of course bad. Hair relaxer is one kind of chemical, which is very irritable. Get relaxer into eyes will make your eyes burn and red. It is very uncomfortable that you can't open your eyes. The best for you to do now is use the water to flushing your eyes. Keep doing this until you feel the burn is gone. Then you can put some ice on your eyes to make you feel better. When you open your eyes, you might find your eyes are red. Have a rest of your eyes. The redness will gradually gone off, so as the pain in eyes. If after about 15 minutes, the redness still doesn't go, you still feel vision blurred, eyes burn, you should go to see the doctor to make sure is there serious problem caused to your eyes. Anyway, eyes are very delicate and vulnerable, you should take good care of it, and be careful with anything get close to eyes. Hope you could get better soon.
  • Kyle


    Oh, jesus. As far as I know, it is used to make your hair straight. To be honest, it is one of the chemical products, which is highly irritative to your eyes. Your eyes would be burnt or encountering some problems with it. Henceforth, I advise that you go and get some salty water to wash your eyes before you feel better, or go for some clinical treatment if necessary.

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