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Why do my contact lenses feel scratchy?

When i put contact lenses into my eyes, I feel my contact lenses are scratchy. Why?
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  • cruelladeville0


    Well, so sorry to hear that. Actually, I used to have the same problem like you. Later I realized that there are some problems with my eyes and therefore contact lenses are not suitable for me. Problems like red eyes and infections would give you some scratchy feelings. So, I advise you to identify your disease and take some measures before you continue to wear contacts because that would be dangerous.
  • Alexa joyce


    If you have this situation, you had better take the lenses out and look at it. Firstly, you should check whether there is a crease in the lenses. If you fold it between your fingers accidentally thus it could make your eyes feel scratchy. Another potential problem can be the shape of the contact lenses. That is to say, if they make a mistake to manufacture the contact lenses are not completely round, you would feel scratchy as well. Additionally, look for any debris on the lenses and rinse accordingly with saline solution, then the scratched feeling would disappear. However, if none of the above problems apply to your situation, and you cannot get used to them, you are not able to use contacts for your eye problem.