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David garcia


Is it true botox can cause blindness?

I plan to receive a botox injection. But my friend told me that botox can actually cause blindness. Is that true? WHY?
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  • Savannah


    Yes, the not proper botox injection will cause the blindness. As we know, the botulinum toxin is produced botulinum which contains polymer protein and nerve toxin. It is at present known toxins in natural and synthetic poison toxic .With the most strong biological toxin, it mainly inhibit the nerve endings, release acetylcholine and cause muscle relaxation paralysis. Many people now use the botox injection to improve the beauty. However, they need to do this in the regular hospital or beauty shop. Or else the great toxin in the injection will cause the eye nerves work in disorder which will cause the blindness.
  • Kimberly quick


    It is not true. Never heard this kind of news that botox injection could cause blindness. Botox is commonly used in small plastic surgery. And so far, the saying of botox injection is that it is safe to use. Although botox also has some side effects, yet causing blindness is definitely not one of them. If any vision loss problem happens, please go to the doctor and find out the trigger and the proper treatment, which is the best way. Hope this helps.

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