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What should i do when i got hand sanitizer in my eye?

It is an accident that i got some hand sanitizer in my eye. My eyes feel pain now. What should i do? Any suggestion?
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  • Mackenzie rose


    Yes of course, it is quite natural for you to experience painful feelings. As a matter of fact, it is not that serious if you take timely actions to tackle this problem. For now, you need to get plenty of fresh water with salt to flush your eyes till you feel better. After that, you also need some special eye drops designed to relieve the painful feelings and infection. It would just take you a few days before you are recovered.
  • Jacob adams


    It happens in our daily life that something splashes into the eye, such as shampoo, oil, hand sanitizer, and so on. And we all know that is not a big deal when something splashed into eye and it's not necessary to see a physician, but what should we do when those accidents happen? There are my suggestions 1. Do not rub your eyes by your dirty hands, unclean hands have a lot of bacteria, which can lead eye infection. 2. Washing your eye by much clean water to make it out. 3. Ask some one to help you if you do not know what to do when it happens. If your feel pain and think that is emergency, you'd better see a Physician.