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Joshua arnold


Can teeth extraction cause blindness?

Is it possible to get blindness because of teeth extraction? It sounds crazy. But i read it online. I wonder if it really happens.
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    Although the saying of getting blindness from the teeth extraction is crazy, it exist slim possibility. The teeth are the important parts of our body which will be connected with all other parts of our body. Once you get the teeth extraction, your other parts of the body may get affected. If the after-to-do is not done well, it may cause the great damage of the eye nerves. That is why the teeth extraction causes the blindness.
  • Christina


    I'm once read this so called report, but actually it won't happen, at least you won't be that unfortunately. Because I heard that the ratio of the blindness happened is less than 0.01%,this this would happen only in the circumstance of the wrong procedure of the teeth extraction, then your dental nerve get damaged, and the some thing will connect your round eye nerve get damaged too. By the way, that means your nerve is easily to get damaged, I suggest you to have more Vitamin E to strengthen your nerve system.

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