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What can i put on my eyes instead of cucumbers?

I know that people usually put cucumbers on eyes for removing dark circles. However, except cucumbers, what else can be put on eyes?
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  • Alexandria giles


    You can apply chilled potato slices to relieve your dark circles instead of cucumbers. Or you can drink cucumber juice to hydrate your eyes and provide your eyes with some nutrients. We know that vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamins that are good for our eyes. So you can have a try. While the most effective way to relieve dark circles is nurture a healthy sleeping circle. Beauty sleep is good for our skin and adopted by many girls nowadays.
  • Layla


    instead of cucumbers can i put pickles on my eyes?
  • smith


    To reduce the dark circles under the eyes, you can apply tea bags and warm compress on your eyes apart from cucumber. Anyway, cucumber slice is a good way reduce dark circles and puffiness eyelids. If you cucumbers can't achievable, you can place your eyes with tea bags. You shall rinse the tea bag in boiled water and then cool it. Next, you can put the eye bags directly on your eyes. It is work for most of people to reduce dark eye circles.