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Does laser surgery hurt?

I am going to have my laser surgery nest month, just want to know if I will feel any pain during that surgery.
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  • Zoe


    No. Usually, patient require take anesthesia that you won't feel pain in the laser surgery. One of my friend who have take the surgery several months ago. He said it is not pain. But after the surgery, he suffered from dry eyes. So, he always carry eye drops now no matter where he go. Even if you won't feel pain during the surgery, you still need to think twice before you decided to take the surgery because laser surgery is risks for your eyes.
  • explosion_x3


    No, who tells you that? With time going on, the risk of your surgery is becoming lower and lower. And you don' t need to worry if you will go blind or if you will feel painful during the surgery. To be honest, the surgery doesn' t hurt at all. And you can even feel nothing during this surgery. But it is true that you may feel a little bit itchy in a few hours after your surgery. You really don' t need to worry if you can feel pain during the surgery. Before this surgery, doctor will drop your eyes with some kind of special eye drops so you will feel nothing during the whole surgery.

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