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Does lasik surgery correct astigmatism?

It is said that a lasik surgery can definitely correct astigmatism, really?
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  • Gabriel


    I make a deep search online and find that lasik eye surgery can treat astigmatism. But there is a limits. They surgery can teat up to 6.00 dioptres of astigmatism. In fact, there are really few people with over 6.00 dioptres of astigmatism. Besides, even if you take the surgery, you may not expected to get perfect vision. Anyway, you shall consult an eye doctor to check if lasik eye surgery are available for you.
  • Susan Wright


    Yes, that is true. In fact, no matter how serious your astigmatism is, a lasik surgery can usually cure that. But there is an age limitation in this surgery. You can not take this surgery until you reach 18. You have to know that nearly most of nearsighted guys have astigmatism so it is no big deal to take this surgery. And for your eyes' sake, you had better take this.
  • Rebecca


    Depending on the type and severity of astigmatism, the condition can often be treated with laser eye surgery. Laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis (LASIK) is a type of laser eye surgery that reshapes the inner layer of the cornea to correct astigmatism.
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