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What can i do about a lazy eye?

I have got a lazy eye for years, what can I do with it?
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  • cook


    I am sorry to heard that you got lazy eyes. As far as i know, lazy eyes often occurs to children. But there are few adult got lazy eyes. To treat the lazy eye, here are some suggestion. If you want to treat it in a naturally way, you can apply eye patch over your health eye so as to train your lazy eye. But it may take a lot of time and practice to reduce the lazy eye. Besides, you can get help from eye surgery. I heard that eye surgery can treat lazy eyes. If you choose surgery, consult your doctor. In addition, you can use prescription glasses to help you see better, But it won't cure your lazy eyes.
  • Jose joyce


    Actually, once you get a lazy eye, it will be very hard for you to get rid of it. It is kind of enduring. However, you can try to do something not to worsen your situation. You can insist doing eye exercise every day and ensure your eyes enough rest as long as you are free. Moreover, I have heard that some glasses that designed for lazy eyes can also be very useful and you might as well have a try. Of course the most direct way is to get a surgery, which can be the fastest and most effective way for you.