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What vision would a person with myopia have?

I seem to get myopia now but I am not very sure. Do you guys know what vision a person with myopia would have?
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  • Kimberly quick


    People suffered from myopia usually have poor vision. Some people also called myopia as nearsightedness. Usually, they have no problems to see close objects. But they can focus distance objects clearly. As what vision would you have depend on the prescription of your myopia. And eye check is the only way that you can know the prescription of your myopia.
  • Andrea lester


    First of all, people with myopia can' t see things clearly in a distant and that is why they need glasses in their daily life cuz it can really be very inconvenient. People with myopia can usually have blurry vision and they can get eye strain more easily than others. These people are not suggested to drive cuz it will be a dangerous behaviour. Oh, right, double vision is also very common for them. So, it is very important for us to protect our eyes.