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Can i use honey as eye drops to lighten eye color?

Is it possible for me to use honey as eye drops to lighten eye color? Will it really work?
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  • Linda


    Some medical books write the honey can be used a little to release the pink eyes. However, the precondition of this type of thing is that the honey must be the ones with no annexing agent which are totally pure. Because of the role of remittence in the honey, it can to some degree help you cure the pink eyes.
  • misty C.


    Whoa, thanks to God that you haven't done such a foolish things. Of course you should not use honey as eye drops t lighten your eye color! Why? Ok, let me tell you. Sometimes people use honey and put it around their eyes to serve cosmetic purposes, however, they never put it into their eyes, because this is likely to give rise to relevant infections and make your eyes attached and cause extremely uncomfortable feelins. So please don't do that,actually, there are other ways to do that.

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