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Is vitamin k good for dark circles under eyes?

Have your hears of vitamin k ? I never know it. But i hear somebody say it will hep to treat dark circles under eyes. Is that true? Are vitamin k really help?
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  • Eugenia W.


    Yes, vitamine K can be helpful for the eyes which are always used under the dark light. It will be harmful for the eyes when using computers for a long time because eyes at that time mainly depends on the retina which is the synthesis of vitamin K. Eating more food containing vitamin K will be good to the eyes. Vitamin K is much from milk, egg roll, etc. What's more, the synthetic vitamin K can not only compose the synthetic ShiWang to take off the need rhodopsin, but also maintain the health of the eye by preventing dry eyes.
  • edward


    It is said that vitamin K does help to whiten the darkness under your eyes. In the mean time, vitamin A also serve the same function. Sometimes people get darkness near their eyes, and don't know what could be done to fix the problem, and then vitamin K is the best helper. It will accelerate the blood transport near your eyes and consequently darkness will disappear. However, you should not rely on it , you also have to pay more attention to how to avoid getting darkness in the future right?
  • walkingalone_


    Yep, it could help relieve dark circles under eye area. In fact, dark under-eye circles could be caused by various reasons, but the essential one is poor blood flow. And there is more melanin production in subjects with that. Vitamin K could be mainly found in green leafy vegetables, meats, fish. It has the function of blood clotting proteins to keep blood flow, and has the function of Gas6, a specialized protein that regulates cell growth and cell proliferation. Hence, vitamin K could benefit for treating dark circles under the eye area. However, it is an essential vitamin, not the only vitamin is needed for treating dark circles.

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