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Jack percy


What are good eye exercises for strabismus in children?

Is there any good eye exercises that can help people with strabismus? Give me an idea. Your answer will be appreciate?
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  • evilbunny1369


    Strabismus refers to the problems that two eyes can't and stare at its target, belonging to the extraocular muscle disease. People with strabismus should do the eye exercises during the free time. They can put one thing in front them. Face them in the direct way and try to see them for two minutes. During this time, the eyeball will try to twist at that direction. Keep on doing this will do help for the reaction for the eyeballs and stimulate the eye nerves.
  • Erin


    Usually, the exercises of strabismus is to realign the eye, improve focusing abilities and visual processing, and strengthen the affected muscles. If patient insist on doing some eye exercise, it may help improve their strabismus. I heard there are specialized computer and optical devices that can help people do eye exercise to help strabismus. But i am not sure what it is. If you want to know more, you can read the article at
  • Christian george


    Well, I am so sorry to hear that kind of news really. Indeed, children with strabismus could be really miserable since the eye disorder will give kids tremendous inconvenience and a feeling of inferiority. However, the disease is absolutely treatable. You should try some exercises such as soft massage, and focus on something in the distance ,but, exercises are not enough. Professional treatment could be extremely useful. Good luck.