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Are chanel sunglasses made in italy?

Does all Chanel sunglasses are made from Italy? Are they more expensive than ray ban sunglasses?
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  • Aimee


    Well, the fact is that Chanel is a French brand which is located in Paris. But, Chanel products are made in more than one place in the world, you can check them out on the Internet. As to your first question, they are not made from Italy, because France is close to Italy, you don't have to set another factory right? The second question, I mean, that all depends, both of them have different kinds of products, some are cheaper, some are luxurious. If you want a detailed comparison, you can check them out.
  • Cameron giles


    Of course not all chanel sunglasses are made in Italy. The brand of chanel is from the Paris, France. However, they have several producing places, such as Italy, China and so on because of the comprehensive consideration of cost in human beings and others. Compared with ray ban sunglasses, the Chanel sunglasses are a little more expensive. But they deserve the price because of the good quality and big brand.