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How can i adjust swimming goggles ?

My father bought a pair of swimming goggles to me. But i feel the goggles a bit bigger than my head. Is there any way to adjust it?
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  • Tyler george


    Usually, the swimming goggles should be worn for the protection of eyes from the invisible bacterium in the water. Once your eyes are touched directly with the water in the swimming pool, there exists the large percent for your eyes to get infected. However, if you feel a bit bigger of your swimming goggles, you can shrink the bandage which may help the swimming goggles adjust to the suitable size.
  • christy9589


    It seems that the goggles your father gave you don't suit you very much and you just have uncomfortable feelings. So, the first things you should do is to adjust the ribbon of the goggle which produces pressure around your head. Perhaps the ribbon is too long, so you can just adjust it to the most suitable condition. If this doesn't work, I suggest you buy a new one, but be sure that you try them on before you do a deal with the merchant, lest it should not fit you.

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