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Carlos rodney


How to tell if ralph lauren sunglasses are fake?

Any idea to choose ralph lauren sunglasses? I am afraid to get fake one. Please help.
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  • crusanov


    The fake ones must be with not perfect manual work which can be observed carefully on the frames. Another obvious sign is from the brand which should be printed on the frame side. However, the most direct way is to ask the client in the franchise store. You’d better observe it carefully.
  • carolmck


    It seems that you are planning to buy a pair right? So, before you do a deal, you should be assure of the following things so that you would not get a fake one. First, you should not expect to buy a real pair at a much lower price than the market, shouldn't you? Second, carefully examine the details of the sunglasses by yourself to see if there are any bad spots. At last, you should contact their after sales service to make sure that there are no problems with the authenticity. Good luck with your successful purchase.