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Are eye floaters dangerous to my eyes?

Recently, i got some eye floaters. Will it be dangerous to my eyes? How can i reduce it?
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  • Austin shelley


    There must be some problems with your eyes. The appeared floaters in the eyes mean that you look in front of the computers for a long time with no rest. Or other not-good habit of using eyes cause the floaters in your eyes. You'd better go to see the doctor and have the check. Usually using eyedrops may release your symptom.You should go to see the doctor first and then accept the treatment. Wish you good luck!
  • Michelle percy


    Maybe it's a sign of serious eye disorders or you should adjust your daily life. Eye floaters means there are some tiny spots that would appear in the front of your vision. You can see them especially when looking at a bright background, such as white blackboard. It's common for people to have a few eye floaters thus it's harmless. However, there are different causes if the number of eye floaters increase dramatically once. If you are too tired and anxiety, or you don't have a balanced diet, the eye floaters can appear frequently. On the other side, maybe you get a serious eye disorder, such as glaucoma, the eye floaters just a sign of it. You had better go to see eye doctor to take an eye exam.

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