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What are benefits of eye patch for kids?

I saw some young kids wearing eye patches. I wonder why they want to get from eye patches.
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  • walker


    Yes, the eye patch is beneficial, especially to some kids who have got the lazy eyes. And the lazy eye patch can correct the vision so that it can do a good job to you. Also, you should know that these eye patches for kids are usually made using a soft cloth which tied to an elastic band. Then that is long enough to go around the head. So it will not make you feel uncomfortable when wearing them. In my opinion, it is very suitable for kids because kids are always naughty. Anyway, it will be a good choice for the kids who have the lazy eyes.
  • Luis lewis


    The kids with amblyopia may wear the eye patch to be treated. Because the optic nerve gets some kind of effect during the growing up, the kids may get the lazy eyes. And the eye patch may help them get the effective treatment by eliminating the inhibitory action through stimulating the staring eyes. This kind of method can be the most common treating way for the kids with lazy eyes.
  • emptybot


    Due to the lazy eyes, another name of amblyopia, describe as the two eyes don't have the same vision. In other words, one eye has poor vision. First and foremost, it's a functional tool for correcting and treating lazy eyes of children. And it's made of soft cloth tied to an elastic band that is long enough to go around the head without any discomfort during the wearing period.
  • Eminda Cao


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