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What to do when eye is twitching?

My eyes is twitching so much. It is really boring. But i have lots of work to do and i need do it on my computer. It is really troublesome. What shall i do? How can i stop it quickly?
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  • cherrygaru


    Dear friend, I am suffering the same symptom too. Don't worry. It will not bring difficulties to your work. I think you can use artificial tears to moisten your eyeballs when you are working in front of your computer. Then you must have a good sleep after work. If you catch up enough sleep, your symptom may disappear.
  • hill


    Maybe your twitching eyes are caused by fatigue. Health is as important as work. So you must pay attention to your health condition. Eye twitching can be caused by pressure, fatigue, lack of sleep, eye strains. You can have a rest when you are working on the computer for too long. I think relax yourself in the weekend can help you solve your problem.