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Christina keith


What are best contact lenses for aging eyes?

I plan to buy a pair of suitable contact lenses for my father. But which types of contact lenses should i buy? What are the best contact lenses for aging eyes?
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  • eddy


    If you he has vision problem caused by aging, you can choose contact lenses that designed for presbyopia. If he also troubled with other vision problems such ask myopia, you shall buy them a pair of bifocal contact lenses. In a words, you shall buy contact lenses according to his prescription with the advices of eye doctor for the sake of his eye healthy.
  • Anthony


    Aging is the fastest way to make our quality of vision declines, that is to say, our eye vision would be not that good when we're aging. And almost every person would have presbyopia that is unable to see nearby objects clearly. Hence, a pair of progressive contact lenses is benefit for aging people to improve eye vision. And the multifocal contact lenses is the most effective and suitable ones.
  • Faith cook


    According to your statement, I think you had better choose the Multifocal contact lenses. As we all know, when we get some certain years, especially our father, they can not see distance clearly, and I have asked eye doctor for help because of my grandpa, at that time, the Multifocal contacts are the first choice. As to the contact lenses, following is the theory. Multifocal lenses fall into two design categories: aspheric and segmented translating. On aspheric lenses, the center is reserved for distance viewing. The patient sees near, far and intermediate distances simultaneously. It's up to the brain to select the proper image. This focal pattern is often referred to as a ''bull’s eye'' design.
  • clozco


    For aging people, their tears glands are secreted less than the young men. Thus, when choosing the contact lenses, they should better use the ones with high moisture contact. Using the contact lenses with high water content can the aging people feel better at the eyes? Or else, their eyes will feel dry.
  • califractal


    I will suggest you the progressive contact lenses. This is the fact that with age, our vision quality declines. Thanks to the advanced technology, there are now a variety of contact lenses that can help nearly every vision correction need. Progressive contact lenses are among the most advanced contacts. So what are the functions of progressive contact lenses? Progressive contact lenses contain a variety of vision “power” within one lens. This allows you focus and have clear vision at all distances, from reading up close to far in the distance, and everything in between. In other words, they are very useful for aged people.

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