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Can contact lenses cause iritis?

I often wear contact lenses. But my mom suggests me to wear eyeglasses. She said that contact lenses can cause iritis. IS that true?
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  • eddy


    Uncorrect way of wear contact lenses roses a lot of problems, and iritis is only one of them. The side effect of wear contact lenses as following: 1. Infection, wearing contact lenses by unclean hand can easily rose eye infection; 2. Pink eye, such as wearing contact lenses overnight or sleep with it can cause pink eye; 3. Cornea issues, such as iritis. The cornea's shape can been changed by contact lens wear if the quality of the contact lenses is not good or it's not fit you. And there are also other side effects caused by wear contact lens, just remember wear contact lens in the correct way and do not wear it for a long period of time.
  • Erika


    Yes, contact lenses can cause iritis. Iritis means the iris of your eyes is inflamed. It can have the symptoms such as eye pain, blurred or decreased vision, sensitivity to light, red eye, tears and smaller pupil on affected eye. When you sleep with your contact lenses or wear your contact lenses more than 12 hours, it can cause iritis. If you don't treat iritis, inflammation in the eye can result in the permanent damage or even cause blindness at worst. So in order to avoid iritis, you shouldn't reuse contaminated or infected soft lenses, and don't use lens for over 8 hours. It is best to give up using contact lenses as your mother told you.
  • cupidityx


    It is true that contact lenses may cause iristis if you do not wear them properly and may also due to your eyes' maladjustment to the contact lenses. Thus you may get eye pain, blurry vision, red eye, and watery eyes etc. When you have some symptoms severe dry eyes and red eyes, you need to be very careful and take off your lenses to get your eyes a good rest. Sometimes colored contacts may cause the iris as well. Just wear contact lenses correctly and make good cleanings.

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