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What are natural treatment for eczema around eyes?

I have eczema around eyes. Can you tell me how to treat it in a natural way? Thanks
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  • handsome____boy


    Eczema is also called excema, which also means there are many causes to it. If you are looking for the natural way to cure it, you need to find out what causes your eczema around your eyes to seek the right type of treatment. There are two possibilities which could trigger eczema, external and internal causes. As to external cause, your skin might have direct touch with some substance which caused reaction. For external cause, the eczema usually will be on the surface of your skin where it had contact with the trigger. It is easy to control the external triggered eczema. As to the internal trigger, it is related to your immune system and the skin begins to react internally, such as an allergen and a hormones imbalance. In this case, the eczema will be all over the body at the wreaked areas. According to my knowledge, the skin align the eyes is very thin and fragile. If your eczema is caused by internal trigger, you need to intake enough water, because the skin will become very dry and itching when eczema happens. With the lack of water supplied, the dehydration will encourage eczema. Taking some natural herbal cream can relieve the symptoms. Take pills the doctor prescription also take enough water and proper diet to enhance the effect. You'd better not to wear cosmetics and do not scratch and rub your eyes. Hope you could get better soon.
  • walkingthedog


    It is normal for you to have eczema in the body, but it can affect the eyes, especially around the eyes. It is characterized by edema, scaling, itching and dryness of skin around that area. The natural remedies for eczema around the eyes are listed in the following. The most useful and effective way is water. Because the body does not have sufficient water consumption so that cause dehydrated. Hence, you should increase the demand of water to release the symptom of dry skin to cure eczema naturally. Or you can intake probiotics supplements, which is also called good bacteria that are microbial organisms concentrated on the digestive system. It is a good way to inhibit dangerous bacteria and other harmful microorganisms to enhance the function of the immune system. On the other side, you can consider utilizing tea tree oil for treating eczema. Due to it can soothe the itchy feeling and dryness around the eyes, and eases the swelling on the affected area.
  • Angelica


    If there are eczema which on your eyelids or the area around your eyes, please bear in mind that no rubbing and scratching. It is easy to stimulate potentially serious infections and cause a loss of eyelashes and eyebrow hair. The ways to treat eczema are as follows: Firstly, use a cool watery towel to apply your eye area which can reduce your uncomfortable and swelling; Secondly, just use warm and clean water to wash your eyes ,no any facial cleanser and harsh soaps; Thirdly, use some other brands of eye makeup and skin care creams to determine if any of these products lead to your eye eczema. However, this just my views. And you can search much information on livestrong.