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Jason warren


Should i wear glasses to a club?

I plan to go to a club. Should i wear glasses? Is it cool?
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  • Eric quick


    Yes, you should wear glasses to a club. Though wearing glasses to club doesn't make you look cool. But you can change the situation and have advantage of wearing glasses in a club. First, you should wear fashionable glasses such as Gucci, Oakley, or some brands of glasses with great design. Second, choose rimmed glasses as possible because they look barely. Third, choose glasses which can match the shape of your face perfectly. Fourth, choose the right clothes for you to wear. Make sure what you are wearing outfit the style of your glasses.
  • Kyle kirk


    Different people have different attitude towards that question. Some people think that it is an unnecessary action, because it is a barrier between one of the most powerful ways you can communicate with someone; but some other people think that it is just a funny experience, and it is so cool. So, whether wearing glasses or not depends on you.
  • Jenya


    No, you should not do that. A club is usually crowed with people, and it is not that bright as other places. When you wanna go to club, you could change your glasses to contact lenses. The most important factor is safe, because you do not need to worry about the glasses are broken to damage your eyes. And it is more convenient for you to see objects without worrying about the glasses would be lost due to the crowed people in the club. Addtionally, it would make you more charming when you not wear glasses in the club, which can potential enhance your beauty of appearance. What is more, it is easier for you to clean them after going to the club, you can use daily contact lenses thus they do not need to be cleaned.