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What is the best lens color for woodsball?

I plan to buy glasses for woodsball. What is the best lenses color that should i choose? Any suggestion?
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  • Lex


    It seems that you are quite into ball games right? Woodsball is one of the outdoor sports activities. Therefore you need to protect your eyes because of the burning sunlight. So, my advice for you is to get yourself some dark blue lenses which are able to resist sun lights. Better yet, you may try to get some polarized lenses. They would be the best companion for outdoor sports.
  • Alexander


    You know it is important to see objects in the shadows, because there are so many trees in the woods. With the correct lens color for your glasses, you will know if that shadowy object is a charging grizzly or just a tame rock. You can choose clear glasses, because if you're walking at night, it's the only lens color that will allow your eyes to see anything at all. You can also choose a pale yellow lens to adjust low-light periods.
  • Michelle percy


    You should choose from the dark series colors of lenses for woodsball which have better filtering character for the lights. You could buy the grey color of lenses which will at the same time look good for you. You could go to the online stores to have a look because the price there is suitable.

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