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Jason lester


Can i fix strabismus without surgery?

I want to correct my strabismus. My doctor suggest me take a surgery. But i don't want to take it. Can fix strabismus without surgery?
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  • Stacy


    If you want to cure strabismus, surgery is consider the best choices. Of course, there are other way that can help people with strabismus, but they can't cure strabismus. As far as i could know that you can choose prism eyeglasses to help you get better vision, but it won't fix your strabismus. Or you'd better consult an eye doctor.
  • cristoph


    If you want to cure the strabismus on the aspect of beauty, you will have to correct it by surgery. If you just want to eliminate the double image caused by the strabismus, you can treat it without the surgery. So according to your expected cured result, you can choose whether to accept the surgery as a tool.
  • Paul Hathone


    There are so many different types of strabismus, and i do not know which one you have. Wearing glasses can make full correction of accommodative esotropia which is one kind of strabismus. Accommodative esotropia is caused completely by hyperopia excessive accommodation, strong vergence. And other types of strabismus basically need be corrected by surgery. Surgery is the best way to cure the strabismus, but if you can find a good traditional Chinese doctor to help you with acupuncture, that will be fine.
  • Joshua arnold


    Well, of course, you cannot take a surgery to correct it. First, you should know that strabismus is the medical terms for eye conditions commonly called eye turns, crossed eyes. For symptoms, eyestrain, blurry vision, double vision, and headaches can be possible. So you need to be careful about it, or it can be dangerous. In some cases, strabismus can correct by itself. And also, patches and corrective glasses can be used to treat it. But on the other hand, a surgery can be the most effective way to cure it. By the way, you should remember that strabismus is typically caused by injury to the eye orbit, sickness or stress. So just be careful about it.

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