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What is best way to tighten eyeglasses frames?

My plastic eyeglasses frames often slip off from my nose. Maybe the size the eyeglasses frame is a little bigger than what I need. Now, what can i do to tighten my eyeglasses frames and stop it from slip off my nose?
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  • candylndsuicide


    After a long time wearing, eyeglasses frame may become loose which may easily fall off the nose. If you have the small slotted screw driver, you can use it to loose the screws at each side of the eyeglass frame and then tight them respectively after adjusting the suitable width. This is the easy solution. If you don't want to do it by yourself, you can to go to the eyeglasses store for help.
  • walkingthesky


    It is a common phenomenon that the frame become loose after you wear them for a long time. So, this does not mean the glasses frame is bigger than the size you need. You can take it to a eyeglasses shop to tighten it. It's free of charge. When I found mine was loosen, I just take it to the nearest shop to make it better. Besides, you can keep it tight in a very long time by wearing or taking off the glasses with both of your hands.
  • crazyuglycoyote


    Frames that are too loose can irritate your nose and eyes and are generally uncomfortable. Just like you, they will slide down easily and make you inconvenient. So there are a few quick fixes you can have a try. If your eyeglasses are too loose around your nose, you can wrap the pincers of a pair of clean needle-nose pliers with packing tape, completely covering the ridges on the insides. You should work very slowly and carefully so that you do not make the glasses too small, then you can carefully pinch the two nose pads together. But in my opinion, you'd better go and buy a pair of glasses which can fit you. Or it will do harm to your eyes in a long time.
  • windes


    what will probably work best is bringing the temples in. the temples are the arms or the things that go behind your ears. you can use a pliers and just slightly move them inward. if that doesn't work try moving the nosepads closer together.

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