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Why do my eyes get tired when i drive?

When i drive, eyes feel so tired and a little pain. Why? Is that mean i need prepare a pair of sunglasses?
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  • handril


    There is a kind of phenomenon called "highway hypnosis" and it's very real. It explains when you keep your eyes riveting on the road and watching where you are going, But with the long-time staring at the road and the white lines ,you may fell fatigue very much. The suggestion below may help you: Glance in your mirrors, at your gauges, at road signs, billboards, scenery, anything. Quick glances are all that's necessary. You'll still be able to focus on your driving, and will be much safer. Whatever you do, don't keep your eyes constantly fixed on the road. And a pair of sunglasses will keep you from the intensive light when you drive, so that's better.
  • Caitlin


    Eyes feel tired and pain can be caused by many problems. And the most probably reason should be over use your eyes. Have a break after using your eyes more than a hour. And drive at sunny day can also cause eyes feel tired and pain, wear sunglasses can help you protect your eyes at this situation.
  • Erika


    It's normal your eyes feel tired and pain during drive. I have the same experience before as you do, because while you are driving, you have to concentrate the road condition, so your eyes are in stress, don't worry, you just need some rest. Sunglasses can shade light. It will give you a better view at a sunny day. Wearing sunglasses may helpful, you can have a try. But I suggest you to constantly relax you eyes, you can stop by and do some massage to you eyes or prepare some eye drops in your car.