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Melissa duncan


What are suitable glasses frames for women with big noses?

What type of glasses can compliment women with big noses? What your opinion? Any idea?
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  • williams


    Certain bridges can enhance or draw attention away from a large nose. Frames that fit close to a large nose will minimize the size and focus attention to the frame. The idea is to limit the amount of space from the bridge of the nose to the bridge of the frame. The more space left between frame and nose will make a nose even appear larger than it already it! Metal frames work a bit better in some cases and as a plastic frame can give the appearance it's attached to the nose and might actually come off with the glasses! So I kindly suggest you to choose a proper frame with proper bridge to your nose. Big or winder noses require a little bit big bridges. However, if a frame bridge is too large for you nose it will leave a horrible mark on the top of a person's bridge. If it is metal it could even cut the skin.
  • ebernardino


    If you are the woman with big nose, you could choose the big frame eyeglasses which will make your nose look not that big from the visual side. If you are the fashionable one, you could choose the bright color, like yellow, red or others. If you want your eyeglasses to be suitable with many other clothing, you could just choose the black color. You could go to the online store to have a look.
  • Brooke peters


    A pair of glasses with large and wide frames is the best choice for women with big noses to overcome the negative effect of facial defect. This kind of glasses is with larger lenses which are also preferable for them, for the larger the lenses are, the smaller your nose looks. They can distract people from the prominent nose by wearing a thick frame because the frame will wrap the cheekbones all along to ears. Finally, glasses with a low set bridge can minimize the size of nose.
  • Vanessa george


    Glasses can make your face look more beautiful in some certain, but some people feel trouble in choosing the type of glasses. Different types of glasses should fit for different face shapes. Fashions come and go, so it is important to choose the right type glasses for your face shape. Balance is the key during the choosing course. Frames should be no wider than the face and in line with the eyebrows at the top, meanwhile, no lower than the highest point of the nostril contour. For the people who have big noses, style and fashion experts recommend going for a pair of glasses with large, wide frames will be suitable for you. The thicker the frame is, the more attention it will draw away from your nose. In that condition, your look more beautiful. Another way for the women who have big noses is that you could makeup for yourselves to make some shadow to look small for your nose. Best wishes!
  • Victor Lee


    In case you have a big nose, it is best to opt for eyeglasses for big nose women that can counteract its appearance. For instance, you can go for eyeglasses with wide and large frames. This is so because the frame will hug the cheekbones and will wrap throughout the ears. The key is, the thicker is the frame of the eyeglasses, the more it can draw away the attention from your nose.

    Moreover, eyeglasses that have bigger than usual lenses will also create an illusion that your nose is smaller. This will really make enough sense if you will compare the sizes of a pea, baseball and basketball when sitting with each other. This is the same thing when the size of your facial features such as the nose is relatively compared to the size and thickness of the sunglasses.