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How can people open their eyes in the ocean?

I just want to know How can people see in the ocean? Can they open their eyes in water?
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  • Jason lester


    Of cause people can open eyes in the water. But for someone,they may feel uncomfortable. If you want to open your eyes under water, one way is wearing swimming goggles. Another way without swimming goggles is to familiarize yourself with the water environment, with your eyes closed in the water for a while, then slowly open your eyes, it would be better. When you open your eyes in the water body will let you close your eyes and instincts, and just a little more control you'll be able to do it. You should be attention to water quality. If the water is dirty, it can cause eye infections and inflammation..
  • Catherine


    Ocean water doesn't hurt at all in my opinion. Main reason for this is because salt water and tears is pretty much the same thing. That also makes it safe to open your eyes in the ocean if you wear contacts. It's a lot like the saline solution that you soak contacts in so it doesn't bother your eyes as much as chlorine and unlike chlorine, it won't just wash your contact out. At least, I've never had a problem with that. So no, it doesn't hurt for me. It may have a little bit uncomfortable, but you will get used to it, give it a try!
  • colddaz


    If you want to open your eyes in the ocean to see the beautiful fishes, you could wear the swimming goggles which will make you open your eyes freely. The swimming goggles will protect your eyes from the infection from the sea. As we know, there is a lot of bacterium in the sea water. At the same time, the swimming goggles could be with prescription which could be suitable for those with short sighted symptom.

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