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Brittany green


Is eye twitching a sign of needing glasses?

I always feel my eyes are twitching recently when i am reading books. Does that mean i need to prepare reading glasses to help me?
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  • Nathan harris


    No, the twitching of the eyes indicates that your eyes are very tired. Just take a good rest, and it will be better. Anyway, you can get your eyes checked by eye doctor. If he/she told you that you have myopia or presbyopia, you may required to get a pair of reading glasses or prescription eyeglasses to help you. If you have a perfect vision. You don't need to get eyeglasses.
  • christraper


    Usually when people get old and above 45 years, they may need the reading glasses to help them get the right vision. However, your eyes twitching may be the signal of your eyes health, not your need of reading glasses. When the eyes get infection, the eyes may get twitching. You should take notice of your eyes.

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