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Jordyn carter


What is the minimum age for lasik eye surgery?

I heard that lasik eye surgery can cure myopia. I am 17. I want to cure my myopia. Can i treat my eyes with lasik eye surgery? Is it too young to me?
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    Yeah, the lasik eye surgery can really cure myopia. If you don't want to wear the eyeglasses any more, you can accept this surgery. Usually, it is applied to those above the 18 years. Only those with eyes grown up can do the eye surgery. So I don't suggest you to do the lasik eye surgery.
  • Logan


    For you age, it's not suitable to take LASIK eye surgery. Technically, you have to be at least 18 years old if you take LASIK eye surgery. However, some people may not be good candidates for this surgery because their eyes are still growing and adjusting naturally. In other words, you couldn't take this surgery until your prescription is stable for at least two years after the required age. And you should take a pre-LASIK exam analyze whether you are suitable to do it.
  • Jerry


    Usually, the people who above 18 years old would accept lasik eye surgery to cure myopia. That is just because for the people above 18 years, their eyes vision are fixed, they are mature to accept the surgery. The young people's eyes are flexible and still on the develop process. Their vision prescription is also flexible. If you are too young, after the surgery and the prescription getting strong, the surgery will be in vain. So were you please more patient and wait until 18 years old, them go to hospital for the surgery?