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Why do i get eye pain after contacts removal?

Every time after i removing my contact lenses, i feel eye pain. Why? What causes that?
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  • Sybil


    After you have removed your contact lenses, your eyes feel pain because of the dryness. Another possible way for that is the too much time of using contact lenses every day. You'd better not wear the contact lenses for several days. You may use the eyedrops to release the dry eyes. And eat food with vitamine C to help your eyes get moisture.
  • Caroline hill


    It could a sign of eye stye, when your eyes are felt painful after taking contact lenses off. Maybe you continue using your contact lenses for a prolonged period during the day, or you don't clean them properly. It would be worse if you ignore this situation, such as watery eyes, blurred vision. Hence, you had better wear your eyeglasses for a few days until you don't feel any uncomfortable. At the same time, you should replace a new pair of contact lenses to avoid this situation.
  • Arianna walker


    There's many reason may cause your eyes pain after you remove your contacts. One is that perhaps your eyes are basically not suite for the contacts; it may get some infection by virus and has already get inflammation. Secondly, the contacts' quality has some problem; you can check and change another one to see if this kind of situation will last. Thirdly, please check if you are allergic to the contacts solution or wearing the contacts in a wrong way, or fail to keep your lenses clean. You can check the instruction of lenses for help. You can check all the circumstance to see if one of them is what you facing now, if you can not deal with it by yourself, please go to a doctor.