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Christian george


Will wearing contacts give me eye bags under the eye?

I hear somebody say wearing contacts can contribute to eye bags? Is that true? Why? i just can't understand. I often wear contact lenses and i don't want to get eye bags. So, Anyone explain to me? Please help.
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  • Marissa george


    This situation really exists which is caused by the not right wearing method. Someone may use the thumb and the index strongly open the eyes by opening the eyelid. As we know, the complexion around the eyes are so fragile. If we keep on doing this with strength, the eyelid may loose. That is why the eye bags under the eye come. You'd better wear the contact lenses gently.
  • cecil


    It is so strange. I never heard that wearing contact lenses cause eye bags. I think you needn't worry about. I am also wear contact lenses. In fact, i have wear contact lenses over 1 years. But i am not get eye bags. Personally, eye bags should result from lacking of sleep, strained eyes, get infection as well as heredity. So, you'd better keep a healthy life style that will help you get rid of eye bags.
  • hand_and_soul


    Wearing contacts will not contribute to eye bags. The contacts are soft and light, it is no burden to your eyes muscle. You can use the proper way to wear it and avoid the over driving of your eyelids. No reason would cause your eye bags become severe. Actually, the frame eyeglasses do contribute to your eye bags. You would never look upward when you wear the frame glasses, because the visual range will beyond the frame. Your eyes will distort for a long time wearing. But with contacts, your eyeballs and muscles can move freely, which will help the eyes exercises, and help you get rid of the eye bags. So, for the people who love beauty appearance, the contacts maybe the best choice for them.
  • Nadine


    Actually, wearing contacts will not cause eye bags, sometimes people attribute eye bags to wearing contacts, and it is really ridiculous. Eye bags are resulted from some factors, long-term lack of sleep, abundant night life, alcohol and eye injury, most importantly, aging. So, you don't have to worry about it as long as you try not to do these things, because you are not old enough to enjoy eye bags, right? Stay happy and optimistic about everything you are going to have and eye bags will stay away from u~!

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