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Does caffeine cause eye bags?

I got eye bags. I though it may be caused by the long time work with computer. But my friend thought that my eye bags are result of drinking too much coffee which contains lots of caffeine. Is that true? Will caffeine cause eye bag?
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  • c_wilde


    There are many of reasons that can cause eye bags such as longtime seeing computer, having hard work and lacking of sleep and genetic etc. And caffeine consumption does not directly cause eye bag itself. But as we know taking caffeine, especially at night, will affect your sleep, which may further cause eye bags or puffy eyes. So, don't worry, it is OK to proper caffeine, especially in the morning.
  • eeelisa814


    Well, as you can see, eye bags are really annoying because they are a sign of aging and they could greatly affect our looks. So, generally speaking, eye bags are resulted from aging and maybe tired lifestyle, or much too fat. Anyway, we should tackle them. And according to what I know, caffeine could not lead to eye bags, currently, some people even make eye creams with caffeine to remove eye bags.