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Brandon cook


How to treat bloodshot eyes after workout?

After workout, i see my eyes bloodshot in mirror. How to treat my bloodshot eyes? Any idea?
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  • Christina keith


    Sometimes, too serious sports amount may cause the symptom of eyes bloodshot. The bulbar conjunctiva and sclera organization blood vessels expanse congestion gore or hemorrhage under certain circumstances which make the eyes present red. At this time, you'd better stop exercising and go to the near hospital to do the releasing work. Or else, if you are at home, you can use the cold cloth to cover on the eyes to make the eyes release for a while.


    Many cases can cause red eyes after workout. Commonly, most of bloodshot is resulted from dry eyes and broken blood vessel of eyes. In a gym with air-condition, your eyes focus on coach and your body. You forget to blink eyes and the airflow evaporate tears quickly. To prevent dry eyes, drink plenty of water before and during workout. Broken blood vessel of eyes is subconjuctival hemorrhage. Certain exercise, like lifting weights, will increase blood pressure and burst tiny blood vessels in the white of eyes. You do not worry about, the redness will be absorbed by body. Within a few days, it will be ok.