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Sue Livingston


How soon can I smoke weed after lasik eye surgery?

I just took a Lasik surgery and was told not to smoke in the following days. But I forget to ask the doctor how soon can i smoking again? Any idea?
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  • Janice


    You can smoke weed after Lasik eye surgery about in half of one year. Lasik eye surgery is a relatively simple operation. After operation, there is a period of complete recovery, and smoking will have a significant impact on visual. You do this operation in order that eye sight can be improved, so for the sake of your vision, and in the future have a clear world, just control yourself well.
  • Jacqueline warren


    You had better not smoke or drink within a week after a Lasik eye surgery. If you really want to smoke, I suggest you find a swimming mirror to put on, thus smoke won't smoked your eyes. And there are something others you must pay attention. First, in two days, please wear the wind glasses or the sun glasses, when sleeping, please wear patches protection in order to avoid external forces cause corneal flap shift. Second, within one week, you had better not eat excitant food, after a week, eating has no special requirements. Third, after two weeks, do not splash water into eyes when washing a face with shampoo, do not rub the eyes. Forth, do not go to swim within a mouth. Fifth, please pay attention to eye sanitation, avoid long time to read, watch TV, etc. Hope these information can help you.
  • Jason lester


    Both Alcohol and tobacco belong to the irritation. According to the matters needing attention after Lasik eye surgery, one item regulates that the patient should not eat thrilling food for one week. That is to say, you'd better not smoke within one week after the surgery. However, in order to protect your eyes, you may control your smoking. As we all know, the spitting smell of cigarettes will also harm the eyes. Thus, smoke less to protect your eyes.
  • Jason warren


    Well, as you said, you just had a Lasik surgery and was told not to smoke weed in the following days, why don't you take it as a chance to recover and rebuild your physical condition? Anyway, we can't change the fact that you are a weed addict, So what I know is that, you should keep yourself away from smoking weed for at least 3 weeks before your eyes are recovered because the toxic chemicals may cause damage to your eyes, which might be very fragile for a period. So, good luck!!!