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How to treat a stye in the eye in children?

Do you have any idea that can treat the stye in the eyes for children? Please help!
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  • Sharron Green


    Well, actually it is annoying to have eye styes in children's eyes. For when the eye styes occur, it will just cause some other eye diseases, such as itchy eyes, eye infection. At this moment, you can just use the cool tea bags to treat for your kid, as the tea bag contains many different objects which do a good job to stye. Also, you need to but a pair of eye patch for your kid, so that his eyes can not be infected easily. Or it will just make the eye stye more serious. By the way, heating a piece of garlic will work wonders if done right. Anyway, just pay more attention to it.
  • Andrew Rabinowitz


    If your child get stye in eyes, do not worry, and it's no need see a doctor for help, you can solve this problem in home. The home treatment including: 1. You can ignore it if the stye is not pain, it will be heal after several days. 2. Using a clean and soft cloth apply a warm compress to the eye several times every day to help your child recover sooner. 3. Using antibiotic ointments every day if your child feels painful. And if a stye is not cure within a week or particular painful, see a doctor for help.
  • hill


    Children are more susceptible to eye stye for their poor immunity. Eye stye is a common eye infection that occurs around the eyelids, which would cause sore, red and itch and swell of the eyes. To alleviate the eye stye, below are some common ways. First, to keep the infected eyes clean is of great importance, and you can help your children wash eyes with warm salt water that mixed 1.5 teaspoon salt with moderate water. Second, use home remedy such as raw egg white, tea bag, potato and onion to tenderly apply on the stye, all of them are effective for eye styes and will reduce the discomforts and relieve the pain of eye styes. Third, if your children's eye stye has formed the pus, remember not squeeze it in case of the spread of inflammation. Use hot compress to help stye accelerate abscess ruptured, and the pus can be got out. I hope these ways could be helpful for you and wish you recover soon.