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Are tired eyes a sign of pregnancy?

Can tired eyes be a sign of pregnancy? Is it possible? And what are other eye problems that women may suffer during pregnancy?
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  • cazzeh


    Well, yes, tired eyes can be a sign of pregnancy. And in common, when people get pregnant, there will have Preeclampsia. We can say that swelling, particularly in the face and hands can occur because of pregnancy. But on the other hand, some other symptoms such as tired eyes can be possible too, for high blood pressure stresses the retina, pushing it forward. And then lead to tired eyes. By the way, blurred vision, burning eyes, headache, and nausea are also the common symptoms. So just be careful about it.
  • coldnd


    During pregnancy, your vision could have slight changes, but you do not need worry about these changes, because these changes are commonly happen during pregancy. You may feel dryness in your eyes, feel uncomfortable while wearing your glasses or contact lenses, get diabetic retinopathy and so on, ask your health care provider's suggestion before take medications to prevent any bad affects for your baby.
  • Daniel christian


    Being pregnant has many signs such as morning vomit, tired eyes and so on. It is quite possible for you to have tired eyes when you are pregnant. We all know that some women are under great pressure during pregnant period and they will suffer changes in hormones, metabolism, fluid retention, and blood circulation, thus will make them feel sleepy and tired eyes, besides, these changes will further affect vision. Some women may also suffer many other eye problems such as eye twitching, blurry vision or even black spots in eyes. All these symptoms are common and temporary and will recover several months later. Therefore, if you suffer tired eyes and other vision changes during pregnancy, you don't have to change new prescription glasses because your vision and tired eyes will recover after you give birth to your baby.

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