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Is halogen light bad for your eyes?

Can halogen light cause damages to eyes? What's the side effects on eyes?
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  • Angela


    Lots of science report said that UV radiation from 100 watt halogen lamps can cause skin tumors and some eye problems. It may cause eyesight dropping, retinopathy, or other diseases. Try to avoid the direct staring at the halogen light. And you'd better not use it at home, because it really damage people's skin. It can damage the leather and wood as well. Which means, your furniture and carpeting are more likely get worn if you use halogen light at home.
  • Elijah leslie


    Yes, halogen light can cause damages to our eyes. It's been said that halogen bulbs sometimes can cause retinal damages, but that is rarely happen in our daily life. So, there is no need to change halogen bulb if you have one. Just avoid staring at the halogen light for a long time and you will be fine with it.
  • Angelica giles


    Yes, halogen light can cause damages to eyes. Because halogen lamps operate at extremely high temperatures and halogen light is really very hot, which can cause serious injuries and damages to people's eyes if you look directly at the operating lamp for any period of time, for example, you can get retinal damage.