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Carlos rodney


Can melaleuca oil help withl pink eye?

I heard that melaleuca oil can help people with pink eyes. Is this true?
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  • characterposter


    Well, yes, it can be good for pink eyes. Generally speaking, a contagious ailment like pink eye often termed as conjunctivitis, is caused by inflammation of blood vessels. And because pink eyes are contagious, the infection can affect the eyes through allergens, bacteria or viruses. At this moment, you can try melaleuca oil, which contain vitamins to treat your situation. Also, cold compesses can be used too. By the way, you need know that upper respiratory infection can lead to pink eyes in your eyes too. So just be careful about it.
  • Mohammad S.


    Melaleuca's branch, leave, and bark can both have medicinal use. They can help people reduce the painful caused by infection, inflammation, or other diseases. As we all know, pink eyes are caused by infection and inflammation. So, melaleuca can be helpful. But, do not use melaleuca oil as eye drops, it can harm our eyes if so. You can put melaleuca oil into humidifier, then stay at the moist room. You'll be fine several days later.
  • Thomas keith


    We know that pink eyes are very common, but not serious. So many people do not pay attention to treat it. Although you may get fine after 4-7 days if there is no any medical treatment, we still need take responsible for our health. Some oil is really good for pink eyes, such as melaleuca oil. Melaleuca oil(tea tree oil ) can help to build normal blood circles and reduce extravasated blood, even can kill virtues and bacteria. What deserve to be mentioned is melaleuca oil is so soft that will not irritate skin. And this essential oil has a prominent effect on pink eye, and have usually cleared up the problem entirely in just another couple days.Warm tips:do not rub your eyes with dirty hand. I would like to recommend you a great link which contains many knowledge about pink eye. Best wishes for you.