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Why do men wear black frame glasses?

I find most of men around me wear a pair of black frame glasses. Why? Do you think they are cool, or not?
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  • Jose joyce


    Yes, there are many men around wearing a pair of black frame glasses. Typically, wearing black frame glasses shows the contemporary trend. Now, there are a lot of stars who wear the black frame glasses. The main reason is that it can show the personality. At the same time, black frame glasses can express a variety of meanings, such as coolness, calmness, steady, modernization and so on. In addition to the black frame glasses, they are also suitable for students. That is to say, it is able to meet the needs of consumers.
  • Audrey


    Black frames glasses are always in style, be they prescription or non prescription. Since eyeglasses have become a stylish facial ornament, more and more people choose fashion glasses to spice up their look. At present, men pay more attention to their look than before. They like to wear fashionable glasses to flatter their image. Well, back frame glasses are stylish glasses that can be neglected. Therefore, we see many guys wearing black glasses and these glasses do make them look good.
  • eden540


    Yes, the black frame glasses of course make men look cool. Probably that is the main reason why a lot of men tend to wear a pair of black frame glasses. From the aspect of popularity, the black frame glasses stand at the front line of the contemporary fashionable trend. That is to say wearing this type of glasses will show the uniqueness and personality. What's more, the color of black will leave the impression of calmness, coolness, steady and other good characters to the surrounding people. In a word, black frame glasses become more and more popular among the young people and students.
  • catgay2005


    Actually, there are many people in different country even in different area who like wearing black frame glasses. In my opinion, because this kind of frame can make people look nice .for example, since everyone has different skin color, the black frame can match the skin. Besides, as we know that black can make people feel cool, even sexy, and steady. For some young people who like the fashion, it will make them look more fashionable than other people. I can say that the famous stars that are always wearing black frame glasses have great influence on many people. But, you should also know that it's impossible for anyone to be suitable for the black frame glasses. It depends on your face shape and the skin which are very important to be considered.
  • cowboyfrom666


    When I was a fresher at college, I also had the same question, why do these guys wear those glasses, and then I followed the trend because when I tried them I found myself quite gentle and looked as if I was a scholar. So it is not uncommon for guys to follow the trend, it is fashionable, is it? You can go into a shop and try them on yourself and see if they suit your type!!!
  • Cici chou


    They're in style and i like them because i think that looks very stylish.