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Is it bad for your eyes to watch a movie in the dark?

I like watching movie at home when lights are off. Is it bad for my eye health?
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  • Alyssa


    Most of people believed that that watching a movie in the dark is bad for eyes. They maintain that it will make your eyes strain to see in dark. And the eyes are required to adjust their pupil size to different levels of light. so, it will cause eyes fatigues. And once you feel tired eyes, you will try harder to focus something. So, it further causes damages to your eyes.
  • Aaron lewis


    According to eye specialists, watching TV or movie with lights off is bad for the eyes. When the lights are off, people's eyes focus on the screen with great concentration, which may easily lead to eye fatigue. The sharp contrast between the darkness and the light from the screen will make eyes uncomfortable. If this continues for a long time, it will affect eyesight and even do damage to the eyes, and very easily lead to myopia. So when you are watching TV or movie, keep the lights on, this is better for your eyes. Eye specialists also point out that watching movie for a long time is not a healthy habit. You need to take a break after staring at the screen for an hour.
  • Robert ja


    Nope, there is no scientific basis for watching TV in the dark is bad for the eyes. The eye is able to view varying degrees of light intensity and colors due to the presence of rod and cone cells present within the retina of the eyeball. Rod cells are responsible for night vision and cone cells are responsible for more detailed, trichromatic vision. Utilizing a combination of these cells will not damage the eye. Watching TV in the dark at the correct distance is not damaging. Please note that prolonged viewing of any single object can cause eye strain, which once again can be damaging to the eye; this should not be confused with the act of watching TV in the dark. Sitting close to a screen is not recommended, because the light intensity is far greater at short distances.
  • eagle_tester_3


    Although it is ok to do so, watching movie at home when the lights are off is bad for the eyes. Because the bright color from the screen will stimulate your eyes. If you watch it for a long time with no rest, your eyes may get tired easily. So open the lights and see the movie at home.

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