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How much are circle contact lenses? Where to get?

I want to wear circle contact lenses to make my eyes look more attractive. How much do circle contact lenses often cost? Are they expensive? Where can i find them at cheaper prices.
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  • James taylor


    Ok, I think you can just buy them if you like. They are very cheap. For example, you can buy them at $10. Of course, there are some types which can cost $40. But it is still not expensive. And also, they have many cute frames, maybe you will like it. In my opinion, you can just buy them on online shop, such as eyecandy lens which are popular with many people because of their wonderful products. So you can have a try.
  • evil_bastardpdx


    I see some circle contact lenses at Most of them are priced at $32. There are also contact lenses less than $30. Besides, i also some wonderful circle contact lenses at But i didn't observe their prices. So, i am not sure how much they charge. You can go their sites and check it yourself. Hope this help.
  • Ryan evelyn


    As a matter of fact, a pair of circle contact lenses would not be very expensive, as they are made at a low price. However, sometimes nice contact lenses of prime quality also can cost you a lot. Generally speaking, a pair of them will be about 50 to 100 dollars. If you really want to find some cheap stuff, you can browse through the Internet to see which place is good. Amazon and MaxMart are good options.
  • emily_109


    They are not expensive. You could find some circle contact lenses at Their average price is about $30. If you want some wonderful circle contact lenses, you could still search online. You may go to ebay or walmart online store to have a look. After comparing them at both price and color, you could choose the suitable one.
  • anna kenni


    They are cheap, for example I found a shop where i get 1 free pair for 2 paid pairs (solution-lens). If you know other good places where to shop I am also interested. Thanks.