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Diane Bradstock


Why do my eyes get crusty when i m sick?

I'm sick and when i wake up this morning, my eyes are crusted over and it is kind of difficult to open my eye? What could cause my eye to crust over?
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  • Dip


    Well, according to the doctor, for your situation, there are almost two likely diagnoses that can cause these symptoms. They are dermatitis of the eyelid skin and blepharitis. Also, you should know that Itching tends to be an important symptom in dermatitis. And more commonly blepharitis causes hese symptoms. Blepharitis is generally caused by dysfunction of the fat secreting glands in the eyelids. It is a very common condition accounting for many of the patients that visit an eye doctor. So maybe we can say that when you are sick, it will be easy to have this symptom, because your body is invaded by the virus easily. And then it can lead to the symptoms. So just be careful about it.
  • Michael?


    I think it may be the reason that your body is so weak. The blood circulation of your eyes are not so clear. When you are sick, you relax on the bed with most of the time within a day. Lack of movements and exercises will lead your body lack of oxygen, and your eyes must be a little swollen. You are lack in strength when you are sick. Your skin is to dry and lack of humidity. These reasons lead to your eyes crusty. Hope you recovery soon, with your disease and your eyes!
  • Jade


    It is hard to say. I just want to know what sick you are suffered right now? If your eyes are crusted around the upper and lower eyelashes, and also,if they are stick together, It is likely you got pink eyes. Or if you just got cold and get high fever, it will caused the crusty eyes. For sake of your eyes, you'd better see a doctor.
  • Cameron giles


    Your eyes are too dry to open up. Because you are sick, the immune system in your body decreases which indirectly cause the disorder of eye nerves. When you are asleep, your eyes gland tear system may get pressure from the bad physique and excrete the dirty things which coming into the eyes at day light. However, the gum in the eyes may become the sediment. When you wake up, you may find that the eyes are crusted out. You'd better drink the hot water to open the throat system which may indirectly affect the eye nerves. You should eat the food with vitamin C during this time to moisture your eyes. Keep in mind that never staying up late at night. Or else your eyes may get even more dry.
  • chris R


    Well, so sorry to hear that because I used to have the same problem when I was still a little naughty boy. So, it is just natural for you to find your eyes stuck and covered by some eye discharge. However, you should know that the excessive discharge is resulted from sickness which has a relationship with your eyes. One possible reason for this is that your eyes are slightly infected, so I advise you to take care of them immediately before it is too late.

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