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How to get habanero pepper juice out of eyes?

Some habanero pepper juice got into my eyes and it feel very uncomfortable. How can i get them out of my eyes?
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  • cant_let_him_go


    When habanero pepper juice carelessly got into eyes, pls immediately wash it with clear water. If it is not serious,the best way is using wet clear towel to wipe the juice until eyes are clear. It might take a few minutes. If it still does not help, then pls use 500ml soldium chiloride injection to wash eyes with the same method. After using these twos ways, it still failed, then pls go to see doctors as soon as possible.
  • Robert Potter


    The pepper juice is very harmful to the eyes. But if you do the treatment well, the recovery will be fine. The best way is to wash your eyes every day, letting the toxin flush in your eyes out.This can relieve the pain significantly and eliminate swelling. There have been no better way. Just be patient and you'll be okay.
  • walkinginstars


    You must feel uncomfortable when the habanero pepper juice get into your eyes. You should just wash your eyes with clean water immediately. Blink your eyes often in case of the uncomfortable feeling. In addition, you should not use the cleaning agent to wash your eyes which may stimulate your eyes.

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