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Glass eyeglass lenses vs plastic, which one is better?

There are different glasses lenses to choose from. I plan to buy new glasses because my old one broke yesterday. Which one is better, glass lenses or plastic lenses. What are advantages of glass lenses and plastic lenses.
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  • warren


    The glass lenses is a little bit clearer on the same condition but can be easily broken. The plastic lenses is better in UV protection. If you have little baby i suggest you do not wear glass lenses because they can easily broke it. Finally it depends on what type you like. I just know people around me like plastic one.
  • walkingjaded


    Glass lenses are hard and good transparent. It is one of an idea choices for eyeglasses. But personally, i prefer to choose plastic lenses. Plastic lenses are lighter and impact resistant and still with good transparent. Besides, i can choose high index plastic lenses if i have heavy vision problems. some people may say that plastic lenses may easy to be scratches. But i can add anti-scratch coating to the lenses.
  • christ_band04


    It depends on your specific eye condition. There are two main types of eyeglasses that are made by glass or plastic. Basically, you would have stronger prescription if you are deeper nearsighted or farsighted, thus your lenses are heavier. Glass lenses weigh about twice as much as plastic lenses. Although plastic lenses would be thicker than glass lenses, they are much more durable than glass lenses. Because glass is the material that easy to be broken, plastic is more shatter-resistant than glass lenses. However, glass is more scratch-resistant based on this material is much harder. Additionally, plastic lenses are more cost effective than glass lenses. And plastic lenses can have color added to them or taken out. But color in glass lenses is permanent.
  • Juan


    I suggest you to choose the plastic lenses for the following reasons. First of all, the plastic lenses are light which will make you wear comfortably. That is very important. In addition, the plastic lenses will be anti-shock. As we know, the glasses lenses will be broken when they fall down. However, the plastic lenses will not.